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September by

Nickie Charles

from Vancouver, Canada

True story: I had a dream, about a week before the deadline, that I couldn't finish my work in time and totally missed the due date of artwork submissions… then when I told Christian, he completely flipped out on me! Man, I tell you, the things you dream about sometimes. There was also some kind of war or national conflict going on in my dream and we were helping with relief goods; though who knows what all that means if dreams really do say something about the future. I'm just glad I was able to finish on time. And when I posted a teaser of my artwork online, I found out that there was actually an extension. Naturally I had to make more revisions.

There are some days where I'd get offers to participate on a male/gay erotica-themed art project with other artists. Often times, I would either decline the offer or accept but then back out a little later. I could go on and on with excuses but bottom line is that it's a bad habit. Period. I've been asked previously to participate on past years and I gave the same excuses that I couldn't make it due to my busy schedule. Thankfully enough, I was asked again to participate for the 2014 calendar and when I was told that this *may* be the last year the calendar would be made, I thought to myself, "Holy Crap! This could be my last chance to be part of this wonderful project!". Luckily I wasn't too busy with work and I just purchased a new laptop. So that helped heaps of my being able to join in on the fifth year of the Bears Illustrated calendar project. Plus, I was having some personal issues and I needed to get my mind off things.

Since it was a calendar and I was thinking that people will print these to put them up I immediately knew I had to do some kind of pinup style artwork. And I've always wanted to draw a male version of the popular girl on a rocket pinups that were usually painted on fighter/bomber planes of the past. Inspiration for the piece also came from a super short part of the opening for Satoshi Kon's Paprika where the heroine avatar also rides a rocket. As with my other artworks, I'd like to name them and I gave this one Heropon Riki from a character in Xenoblade Chronicles. Because I like pimping unpopular stuff that I think deserves more attention.

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