English / Castellano

August by

Leonardo Gutiérrez

from Valaparaiso, Chile

Here he is... a hairy man trying to get refreshed in the summer sun whilst enjoying being observed by all. He seems to be a bit of a show-off!

I was very happy when I got confirmation that I would be part of Bears, illustrated because I love bears since I was a teenager, and participating alongside eleven artists with the same love seemed great, something not to miss, so I put in all my effort to try and help this edition be the best!

Background-wise... I've been drawing these men for a while, years even, but I haven't started sharing my work until recently. That is when I created Bearsionated, formerly known as One Hour a Day, in the beginning of 2013 where I would update each day with a new drawing, usually something very sensual with a big bearded bear for all to enjoy! I currently don't have time to do this daily, the excercise is done, but I still publish new illustrations every now and then and I have some ideas for the future that will unfold slowly in my free time.

I hope you enjoy this illustration at least half of how much I enjoyed making it! :)

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