Creative projects. Christian Fernandez Miron

Music: free improvisation

Improv work in solo, duo Tur Tur el gigante, different ensembles and one big orchestra

- ¡jA! muestra a ocho manos. Improv ensemble with Rosalía Pombo (dance), Ángel López de la Llave (cello and vocals), Alex Gutwil AKA Tuo Catullo (projector) and Christian Fernández Mirón (vocals and objects). La Casa de Galicia, 2009 -

- Free improvisation quartet: Gregorio Kazaroff (electronics), Pedro Rato (piano), Pablo Orza (vocals) and Christian Fernández Mirón (vocals). Encuentro de improvisadores, Alabanda 2010 -

- Conducciones III (and HTM zine, opening event) video trailer
Picnic Sessions, CA2M (Centro de arte 2 de mayo), June 2010 -

- Free improvisation orchestra FOCO conducted by William Parker with Patricia Nicholson. Hurta Cordel festival, La Casa Encendida, 2009 -

- Free improvisation orchestra with mixed members of FOCO and Entenguerengue conducted by Chefa Alonso. Alabanda, April 2010 -

- Free improvisation orchestra FOCO with Eddie Prévost (AMM), 2008 -

I love music ranging from classic pop to wild experimentation. Parallel to my solo project Sef, here are some examples of my musical adventures in different improvisation projects, ensembles and orchestra work.

I have interpreted these discoveries in some of my own initiatives like Conducciones (where the audience is shown how to conduct an improvisation orchestra in situ) or the Muestra a ocho manos I prepared with ¡Ja! combining music, dance and projections. I have also played in audiovisual combos Arritmia and En busca del pasto, and along micropoet Ajo.

I regularly play with members of Musicalibre and FOCO orchestra in the monthly gig at La casa de los jacintos and Alabanda in Madrid, where we combine different instruments and improvisation techniques. Here I have been able to play with an outstanding variety of musicians and also work with dancers. I have also participated as a vocalist in the international improvisation festival Hurta Cordel, celebrated in Madrid (La Casa Encendida) and Barcelona (Palau de la música). In 2009 being directed by William Parker with Patricia Nicholson and in 2010 by Keith Tippett.

Some venues: Palau de la música (Barcelona), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Alabanda (Madrid), La casa de Galicia (Madrid), El castillo del homenaje (Moratalla, Murcia), Utopic_US (Madrid).

FOCO orchestra: myspace
Musicalibre: blog
Musicalibre: official site